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"Ile du Levant" is the disorientation assured without big journey risks: visas, long trajets,maladieses... the island is covered with an abundant vegetation and her arbutuses are among most beautiful of the Mediterranean Europe. Numerous are there the species rare of fauna and flore,de side of sea or the scrub, and the geological curiosities.

"Ile du Levant" has always been a privileged place. Naturism is there everywhere free, except in the public places, in the harbor and the center of the village, it is obligatory at the beach " les grottes" and the bath of diane. In a respect and a tolerance mutual, levantinses hope to bring thus to naturism visitors come to admire this exceptional site.

Situated to the East of the island archipelago She separated of "Port - Cros" by the pass of " les grottes" 1/2 mile width. From the small harbor of the "ayguade" where accosts boats the path of the ayguade drives to the village of "Héliopolis". With the ACSIL you will be able to exercise the sailboard and the canoe.

But it is even more beautiful under

The embarking for "Ile du Levant"

From the Lavandou : vedettes " Îles d'or ": +
Timetables ILE DU Levant

For your car you can book a garage:
Renault garage: +
" Euroyachting-locabat"(sur the harbor of the Lavandou): +

On"Ile du Levant" , a shuttle (paying) will wait you on the embankment and will drive you to your staying.

You will arrive in a true village (with school, church, town hall…) whose houses are scattered in greenery.
Villas, furnished or bungalows, as well as two campings will be able to welcome you.

Two grocery (tobacco), a bakery, pubs, restaurants, a "nightclub ", " a bazaar ", fashion boutiques, a bookstore,… are to your disposition.
There is not a bank; the post office should be able to fix you.

The village has preserved his rustic character ( no streetlight, nor luminous sign).
He can welcome his hosts with the best comfort but the pocket-lamp, with the " minimum " or the paréo, is part of the perfect " small Levantin ".

Ile du Levant, a heavenly island.

Ile du Levant, an even wild island, Ile du Levant, an island of disorientation.Ile du Levant, an island of sun. Ile du Levant, an island of pure air. Ile du Levant, an island of tranquillity. Ile du Levant, an island for the farniente. Ile du Levant, an island in a crystalline sea. Ile du Levant, an island to make again a health the time of vacations. Ile du Levant , island of liberty. Island of the Rising, an island to have fun: water sports, limp of night. Island of the Rising, an island out norms. Island of the Rising, an island out of conventions. Island of the Rising, an island out of the time, or all is different. Island of the Rising, an island that changes life. Ile du Levant, an island...

Seen on the tip of the porpoise
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